• Squeeze on Higher Education

    The de facto college degree is getting squeezed from two directions: employers requiring professionals to build new-age technical skills (where there is currently a skills gap); and typical students who are faced with the rising cost of a traditional college degree and must take on significant debt. Moreover, according to a recent Gallup poll, a… Continue Reading

  • Thread A Skill Set Throughout Your Life

    As I learn more about the transition from secondary to higher education, I think about possible utility in introducing a Skills-Based Approach in primary and secondary education.  Previously I took for granted that it should be introduced in high school and used throughout a career. However, I think there are benefits with thinking in skill… Continue Reading

  • Apprenticeships, an Effective Way to Teach Technology

    Apprenticeships might be a fast way to teach aspiring professionals the technical skills needed for technology jobs.  When I think of apprenticeships, I think of their origin (what I learned about in history class in grade school): protégés learning highly coveted skills such as printing, tailoring, and accounting from masters during the Middle Ages. There… Continue Reading