• New Version of Learning Labels Book

    Released a new version of the book on the Learning Labels system to manage and track skills. Added five chapters (21 pages). Argue the need for a pervasive system across platforms and devices, not choosing one exclusively from another. Give this a read:

  • Skills Emblem

    Access Skills Emblem. Graphic showing real time summary of Skill Points, hours spent, and tasks in queue and completed on a skill by skill basis. Graphic (PNG) is downloadable. (With enough label content) A future use of a Skills Emblem could be to represent real-time skill achievement on a resume, personal website, or social media.… Continue Reading

  • Learning Label Peer Reviews on Apps

    While introducing the learning labels system, top suggestion I get is to verify the expectations (remove the arbitrary) with peer reviews. I agree. I push a scientific analogy of defining learning expectations and job requirements with skills and Skill Points like defining atoms and coefficients to substances. A peer review interface was built into the… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels on Windows 10

    From the start, learning and job labels set a standard for learning expectations and job requirements respectively. There is a platform to connect them together as learning dashboards (responsive) and pathways (direct linkages). There is a new Windows 10 application, which combines the three Android applications: Learning Labels Create, Learning Labels Dashboard, and Learning Labels Paged. This works because the target is mainly… Continue Reading

  • New version of the Learning Labels Android application

    Announcing release of new version of the Learning Labels Android application. A new feature (probably the whole WIFM of the app) is to modify and change learning pathways. This requires a valid admin account. The target audience of users of the application include K-12, higher education, career counselors, curriculum designers, publishers of learning resources, workforce… Continue Reading

  • Learning Applications Simple Enough Complex Enough

    Recently, I was told some of my team’s work might not be simple enough to understand. I got to thinking how so much of the time I am promoting sophistication. With the blazing speed that complexity is being introduced into software applications, there is a requirement for a deep layered integration. Most applications require some… Continue Reading