Skills Culture: What’s Behind This Growth Mindset For Learning

Skills Culture SM is a growth mindset to learning, first introduced in 2016. The mindset is based on getting learners and practitioners to rally around learning and practicing skills properly. Perhaps the central ethos of the concept is: “Every experience is an opportunity to apply skills”. The mindset fits well with a suite of applications: Skills Based Approach (a methodology) and Skill Label (a system). All together, the applications and mindset create an effective platform for lifelong learning.

To understand Skills Culture, you must agree to three premises: 1) consider a broad interpretation of skills not limited to technical ones; 2) agree it is possible to define all learning in skills, their underlying methods and applications, and competencies; and 3) acquiring skills is for not only job or career preparedness, but also to make life more meaningful. So, a person builds a strong foundation in thinking skills and other transferable skills which serves as the basis for learning technical skills. And tracks soft skills like any other skill; their importance cannot be understated as they are applied in our every interaction and cannot be easily automated.

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