Create Learning Labels Screens / Windows As Labels, Maps, and Flashcards

After launching the Learning Labels Teams and Learning Labels Profile apps for Google Android, I moved to also support these interfaces with the website version. Personally, I think the apps (particularly the teams app) are ideal for a smartphone and mobile usage; the use cases and interface make sense.

So, with the website interface, beyond covering all the functionality of the apps, I wanted to utilize larger monitors or tablets, so I added screens or windows to show the three views: (learning) labels, maps, and flashcards. A user creates multiple instances of these views by clicking on a link.

These instances can then be moved across the screen to make basis of comparison decisions, prepare for experiences, or verify how standards are being applied.

This interface, with the above-mentioned links, is accessible while viewing learners’ Skill Emblems and related tasks and practitioners’ resources being shared with a team.

The three views were introduced as part of the learning labels system awhile ago. Here is basic introduction to them:

  • Learning Labels. Highly versatile, multi layered representation of a learning experience or task. Ideal for comparisons as a viewer matches the elements line by line and makes ROI calculations. In layers, all the data is represented.
  • Learning Label Maps. Colorful representation meant to visualize all the data in a single graphic. Ideal when education or training standards are referenced. A peer review interface is also built into this interpretation.
  • Learning Labels Flashcards. A concise interpretation of the experience meant for memory cognition and preparing for an experience. Includes a context field as a focal point.

Future iterations with the screens might include docking, tasking, signaling skills, scenario analysis, and more.

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