Proof the Skills Based Approach Methodology Works

A decade ago, I proposed the Skills Based Approach as a methodology for lifelong learning. A person (learner or worker) constantly cycles through four stages with evolving skill sets simultaneously. I admittedly take some satisfaction in finally building the Skills Based Approach app because it proves the methodology works. I urge you to go to the website and watch the videos on the app.

With Skills Based Approach, the inertia started from observation, research, and practicality as I was building a platform for personal websites. Skills are an ideal medium to work with for a multi-dimensional resume. Through the years I worked through a number of obstacles.

1) Obstinate learning practitioners saying there is so much more to learning than skills; I hear from them “it is all about knowledge”. My response remains the same to this day:

“Skills are part of the definition of knowledge, the verb part. Skills and knowledge are not in conflict with each other. Given the advancements in automation and recalling facts and information with technologies and AI, skills are a more practical medium to define learning.”

2) Higher education showing an unwillingness to take more time to define their teaching in skills. For higher education, all I ask is to create a Skill Syllabus and define the ten to twenty tasks in the course in skills.

Many of the free-online course (MOOC s), such as Coursera and edX, get skills. They use a rich list of skills in the description of their courses.

Like other leaders promoting skills frameworks, I do not suggest changing the learning or content in any way, only added marginal time to define and quantify the learning in skills.

3) Slow adoption of skills frameworks in workforce development and corporate strategies. When I started, there were not many local, regional, or national skills initiatives (beyond a strictly blue collar interpretation). In the last four or five years, there are many new entrants echoing the need to think in skills to solve many of our workforce problems today and in the future. I even hear the phrase Skills Based Approach by many respectable media organizations.

4) Argument Skills Based Approach as a methodology should not work. I only say this because of a limited response and lack of third party mentions of the methodology. The last few videos on the website show how a high school, vocational, or college student or worker uses the app. I agree users and practitioners need to populate the content for the app to be effective.

But as far as cycling through stages with different, responsive skill sets, tasks, objectives, platforms, and credentials the Skills Based Approach app works.

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