Learning Labels March 2023 Video Release

Each year I try to summarize my team’s work on our skills platform: Skills Label (a system to track skills), Skills Based Approach (a methodology for lifelong learning), and Skills Culture (a growth mindset).

I would like to announce the patent a System and Method for the Tracking and Management of Skills is now granted. We are open and continue to look to collaborate and partner with organizations to create more effective learning pathways – in education, higher education, and training.

In a recent interview, I was asked: What makes your platform different than other learning platforms? How does this help the average learner or worker?

My response: First and foremost, the medium of skills is the practical definition of knowledge. Skills Based Approach puts the learner in control of their skills. This is different from the traditional learning by allowing the learner to pivot and respond to experiences.

Video release for our skills platform. A brief summary of what was added in the last year. Learn more on the respective websites: http://www.skillslabel.com, http://www.skillsbasedapproach.com and http://www.skillsculture.com. Copyright 2023 All Right Reserved.

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