• 6 Rs In Establishing An Online Identity

    When I came out with Online Personal Brand a few years ago, I differentiated from the other personal brand approaches (fourteen books I read) by creating a functional model. I suggest each person, first establishes each of three elements – skill set, aura, and identity – then projects them onto networks; in the book, I… Continue Reading

  • Hire Character. Hire Skill. Train Skill.

    When I first heard the phrase: “Hire Character. Train Skill.” I protested, not because of the character statement but rather the skill statement. The intention is to emphasize character over skill in hiring. But I think someone who has mastered his or her skills deserves commendation (getting hired). Skills have a very human element, especially… Continue Reading

  • (Skills Label) What is the Brand Name?

    Skills Label™ is a standardized display to express learning expectations and outcomes in any task (experience, activity, or resource). It solves a big problem: There is no way to compare learning from traditional learning media (books, game, course, activities, etc.) with emerging learning media (games, virtual reality, and IoT). This disarray gets worse when comparing… Continue Reading

  • Summarize Learning in Skills

    In coming up with Skills Based Approach a few years ago, I always had a wide lens for talking about skills (never exclusively worked with a technical view of skills). I see skills as the underpinning in everything we do; in every experience, we apply skills. They define how we think, play, converse, engineer, create,… Continue Reading

  • Network Vs. Identity: Slideshare

    My first blog was about the concept of representing a network versus an identity. Since I wrote the blog, establishing and thinking about an online identity has become even more critical. Social media is pervasive in everything we do. It also becomes relevant once we start making connections and projecting a representation of ourselves online (so high… Continue Reading

  • Blogging Is A Thrill

    Made another milestone with this blog, a three year anniversary. Welcome all new followers! Like every year, I want to dedicate a blog to summarize the main themes covered this year. I successfully launched the Online Personal Brand: Skill Set, Aura, and Identity  model in a book and website. The model simplifies personal branding into… Continue Reading

  • Cautions in ‘Going Social’

    In A World Gone Social, Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt share a compelling case why businesses and persons must establish a social media presence – their future depends on it.[i] Here are some of the underlying themes in their book: Everyone – employees, customers, competitors, and candidates – is using social media; according to a… Continue Reading

  • Generation Z, Mobile Natives

    While I looked into the ‘monthly average users’ for the big four social media services, I realized there is a major new trend: users are using mobile devices on par with regular desktops. According to a recent publication, Facebook has reached 1 billion monthly active users using mobile devices compared to 1.28 billion overall. And… Continue Reading

  • Early Career Professional: A Time to Take on Career Risk

    Early career professionals should be willing and ready to take on ‘career risk’; this might include working in another country, joining a startup, choosing a job based on purpose (rather than salary), taking on a role in another discipline, starting a graduate program, etc.  Each of these choices might be considered risky because it: Lacks… Continue Reading