• Skill Syllabus Versus Course Labels

    Skill Syllabus supports the coordination of learning at a course level; there is functionality for personalized learning, performance based navigation, and managing and tracking skills. There are both teacher / professor and learner / worker interfaces. Course Labels are useful for making comparisons, ranking skills, and establishing an ROI. Skill Syllabus was introduced first (2016).… Continue Reading

  • Search: Learning, Course, and Job Labels

    Updated search framework and layout for each of the three types of labels: learning, courses, and jobs. Learning labels represent learning for a task, activity, or experience. (New) Course labels represent learning expectations at a course level. Job labels represent past experience and current job requirements. All labels are focused on skills and Skill Points… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release

    My team and I would like to announce the May 2022 Learning Labels Release. The video is LIVE on the main website. For brevity, I skip defining the system. Use cases are referenced in the video screens showing the apps, but I do not talk about them in the narrative. I suggest last year’s video (link on the… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release Video

    Video release of new and updated apps related to Learning Labels. Suggested related content includes: February 2021 Release Video and ┬áLearning Labels – A System to Manage and Track Skills (Book)

  • Sharing With Learning Labels Teams

    What type of agreement needs to be in place regarding the sharing of information among users? The premise of Learning Labels Team app is to allow team members to: signal and pool their skill sets (represented in a list form), share progress in queued and completed work (Skills Emblem), and provide links to their actual… Continue Reading

  • Skills Parser in Learning Labels Create

    I have been working on the Learning Labels interface to create learning and job labels (and projects and syllabi) for many years now. I spent two Spring semesters conducting formal UI tests on precisely the creation of the learning labels. The interface went from a ‘wizard’ to a ‘dashboard’ and each step and placement of… Continue Reading

  • Skills Parser (2022)

    From the initial design of the system (2016), I always wanted to allow for the learning labels to be created automatically where there is little or no data entry. This would speed up the process and help make them more accurate. A learning labels is sophisticated and layered, so accomplishing this is a challenge. A… Continue Reading