• Job Descriptions with Skill Points ®

    There is functionality to create a job description within the learning labels system. This is not meant to replace, but rather supplement or augment this well-established format. Many of the standard sections / fields are included, along with a skills section that is designed to get the required information to calculate Skill Points ®.

  • Subject and Skill Searches

    Typically, you search on a subject or field of interest to find learning resources. There is a full context-based search with the learning labels application and further planned functionality. But what if instead, you search on desired skill sets?

  • Peer Review of Learning Labels

    Single biggest request for the learning labels technology is a way to verify the accuracy the labels with a peer review process. This is now integrated into the application. Each variable in the next generation learning measurement, Skill Points ® gets verified. This framework should be useful for other verification process in the future…  

  • New Smart Dashboard for Search Engine Results Page

    Imagined a smart, dashboard to manage learning labels early in the development of the system. First designed and built the standalone learning label to set the standard as the uniform representation for a single unit of learning, then, got to think how to manage collections of them: a tiled draggable dashboard. An early version of… Continue Reading

  • New Paper on Skills Label Technology

    Published a second version of a paper on the learning labels technology. Learn more on this patent pending system to manage and track skills. Learning Labels: A System to Manage and Track Skills Looking for usage and adoption among learning practitioners in education, higher education, and professional learning. Get a free introduction: consult@skillslabel.com Looking for… Continue Reading

  • Peer Review of Learning Labels

    Number one request by learning practitioners is verifying the accuracy of a learning label. Introducing a new verification process: peer reviews . Team thought of this early in the conception of the technology and was suggested by the learning practitioners. Learn more in this less than three minute video.