• Earn A Spot On The Team

    Companies can introduce a meritocracy based on the building and validating of skills. A meritocracy is “a system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement”[i], and attractive to modern companies because it incentivizes a workforce to produce based on their skills. It levels the playing field. Workers… Continue Reading

  • Power in Presenting a Skill Set

    There is a benefit in presenting your skill set to not only recruiters and potential employers, but also an ‘internal network’ – co-workers and supervisors – and an ‘external network’ – partners and clients. As I talk about presenting a skill set, I want to clarify that there are many ways to present a skill.… Continue Reading

  • Career Obstacles

    I often talk about planning and building a skill set throughout a career as if it is a straight linear path. However, many professionals face one or more obstacles that change their ‘career path’. Perhaps it is a ‘bump’ like having to take a fifth year in college to earn a degree. Perhaps it is… Continue Reading

  • Base Compensation on Skills

    I wonder how a Skills-Based Approach should affect the way employers pay employees; planning, building and validating of skills have a strong correlation with an employee’s job performance. Should employers consider a skill-based pay system versus the traditional job pay system? Here is a good definition of a skills-based pay system (“SBP”): Skills-based structures link… Continue Reading

  • New Book: A Skills-Based Approach to Developing a Career

      A Skills-Based Approach is centered on the development of a skill set throughout a career. It is a progression of four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. In the book, I walk you through the stages by describing their intended objectives and specific ways to achieve them. There is a lot of attention given to career… Continue Reading