Learn How Our Skills Framework Could Work in Your Curriculum, Training, or Workforce Development Program

Got to add a mention of a recently granted patent to this timeline of my team’s skills platform (Skills Label, Skills Based Approach and Skills Culture). I thought the patent would open doors.

Though as I recently submitted business and research proposals, I continue to face obstacles. Rather than authenticity, I face teams trying to target the veracity of the patent (which I DO NOT have a problem with).

But when I ask: “Did you take 15 to 30 min. trying the apps that apply the patent?” Their response: “Nope.”

My silent response: “Okay. I spent 5+ years building these apps. While your time is valuable, I think an evaluation of a proposal should include these apps not only the documentation.”

I get asked: “Did you do customer discovery?”.

My response: “Of course. I simply do not have a sales function.”

My silent response: : “Working with the customer and deriving a sales function is areas you could help with. You might be a customer.”

Here are a few ways education, higher education and training could use (and pay for) our platform:

  • Map curriculums in skills using our platform.
  • Use Skills Syllabus. Connect a Career Center with High Schools and Colleges.
  • Onboard and train workers in skills.
  • User our platform for workforce initiatives. Map more agile pathways.
  • (If you are a publisher or game creator) Create learning labels for books, games, activities, experiences, etc.

If your company, team, college or university would like to learn more regarding our skills framework – a system, methodology and culture, contact us for a free consultation.

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