• Skills Parser (2022)

    From the initial design of the system (2016), I always wanted to allow for the learning labels to be created automatically where there is little or no data entry. This would speed up the process and help make them more accurate. A learning labels is sophisticated and layered, so accomplishing this is a challenge. A… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels Collection 2021 (Android App)

    Updated the Learning Labels Collections app with a faster, more intuitive interface. Free to download and try from Google Play store. Introduced Learning Labels Collections as a way for learners and workers to manage their learning tasks (represented as learning labels) and monitor their skill achievements (represented as Skill Emblems). The concept is to put learners in control… Continue Reading

  • ‘Suped Up’ Learning Labels Apps on Android

    Updated all of my teams’ ‘admin’ apps – four of them – with a faster, smarter interface. They use the same rich layouts and design, which evolved through the years – but they are much quicker. There is a minor delay for the login, though the login gets saved for future requests; then the apps… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels Paged Application 2021

    First prototyped this app a few years ago (as a currently working website mobile application). Always in the back of my mind, I wanted to get the Learning Labels system as native apps in Google Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple IOS. Figure learning and applying skills is pervasive in our every experience, therefore the Learning… Continue Reading

  • Updated Learning Labels Dashboard: Three Checks

    Years ago I was in the office of a director of an education school showing the initial design of the learning labels system. Positive getting the chance to meet with him and captivating him in how the web application worked. His advice to me: “Ryan, you got something good here. As you continue building this,… Continue Reading

  • Create Series, Task, And Grade

    Learning labels are a standard representation of expectations for a task or experience, a way to define learning in skills and skill quantifiers. The goal is to get practitioners and/or publishers to create collections of learning labels. Once the labels are in place, use them to achieve higher level goals – like those of a… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabus PDF

    Skill Syllabus is accessible in Google Android and Windows 10 apps and a substantial web application. It renders in the native apps, as an interactive web page, and a PDF. During the first day of class, you share a printed or emailed PDF and/or access a unique webpage for the syllabus and then go step… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabus – Getting to Your Students

    This is the second newsletter for Skill Syllabus. The first newsletter introduces Skill Syllabus. This one guides a professor in getting the syllabus to his or her students. This answers the professor’s question: (I created the syllabus and learning labels) How do I get this to my students? Give this a read, signup, and let… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabus Video (2021)

    These are some good reasons why to use Skill Syllabus. This is a brief introduction how to use Skill Syllabus. If you need guidance or help, contact our support team at: support@skillslabel.com